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Android Agent 47 Certification Specialties

✅ 99.9% practical experience
✅ Private Binder
✅ Private Socket
✅ Encrypted Apps
✅ Encrypted Connection
✅ Stable Installation
✅ Port Password
✅ Floods/DDOS Protection
✅ Get GPS Location
✅ Watch Live Camera
Make A Call, Record A Call And  Browse Call Logs
✅ Listen Live Conversation

Basic Computer Knowledge
Basic Android Knowledge
Fast Internet Connection
PC Or Laptop Require With 4 GB Ram And Android Device
Zoom Application
Skype Application

Class Specialties

Class Live 101
Per Day 1-2 Hr
Duration 20 Days
Android Agent 47 Awesome Online Android Hacking Course
Mobile Hacking Course Android Agent 47  will teach you how to use hacker tools and scripts to probe the internal workings of your phone - all without having to crack its screen open!

Complete Beginner Friendly

No computer programming skills are required! Just the desire to learn to hack, and this course will take care of the rest. Mobile hacking refers to the act of attacking a mobile device, most often a smartphone. This type of hacking is done for various reasons, including personal gain or to perform espionage. This course will teach you how to hack an Android phone or an iPhone, depending on your preference.

You will learn about the different types of attacks that can be performed against Android phones and iPhones, as well as methods for performing each attack. You will also learn how to install spyware on both devices in order to monitor what someone is doing with their device remotely.

Learn the basics of hacking and security and how to deploy and use exploits for Android

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, created primarily for touchscreen mobile devices. With the help of this course, you will learn about different kinds of hacks that are possible on an android device.
The means to gain access to a device are limited only by your imagination. You just have to know what information you need, where it is located in the device, and how to get it out.
Android Aegent 47
Make fud apk payload powerful Method
✅ How to Setup Any  Botnet Panel
✅ How to Crack Apk ( Moded)
✅ How to Make Persistance Apk
✅ How to Refud Any  Android Rat And Use Own
✅ How to Remove Android Payload Notification
✅ How to Make Auto Startup Apk
✅ How to Hide Apk Icon Android 10,11
✅ How To Bind SpyMAX Payload
✅ How To Bind Spynote To Another AP
✅ How To Hide Icon APP
✅ Call Bombing
✅ SMS Bombing
✅ Trace AnyOne Exact Location On Google Map Using  
     Whatsapp Number
Destroy Anyone's Mobile Completely
✅ Android Hack LAN And WAN Network
✅ Iphone Hacking
✅ Anti-Uninstall Coding
✅ Anti-Reset Coding
✅ Anti-Power Off Coding
✅ Anti-ADB Coding
✅ Make Third-Party App Anti-Uninstall
✅ Auto Start Malware After Kill
✅ Without User Know Start Background
✅ Anti-Stop Service Android
✅ Anti-Uninstall Service Android
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9:30 pm - 6.00 am
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