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Are you looking for live an online learning platform for expert ethical hacking and cybersecurity courses?

Hacker Computer School brings you one!

We are one of the most proficient online learning school known for providing all forms of ethical hacking and cybersecurity courses. With us, you will benefit from live 101 training on Android 11, Windows 11, Linux OS, Mac, Server, Networking, Software, Antivirus Hacking, Spamming, Black Hat Hacking, and Black Box Penetration Testing. We will help you establish a great career in the field of ethical hacking and cybersecurity!
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We value intrinsic motivation and self-direction, and believe people learn best when they're free to explore their passions and interests.


We look for smart, friendly, self-directed, and intellectually curious people who enjoy programming and want to get dramatically better.


The atmosphere here is friendly and intellectual. We have a gender-balanced environment, and lightweight social rule
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Learn from industry

Our award-winning instructors are active members of the hacker computer school community, authors, developers, and security practitioners
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   Practice in real-world scenarios

Get your hands dirty on live simulations in our on-demand, interactive lab environment. The best way to learn is by doing - not by reading a book.
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    Use what you've learned

Advance your career and improve the security of your enterprise. Put the skills you learn at The Hacker Computer School to use in the real world.
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Hacker Computer School is ready to transform you into a Cyber Warrior
Select a Security Certification as a weapon to upgrade your skills

We are going to provide all top-grade security certifications under a single roof. It attempts to remove the gap between the theoretical style of education and bring them to the live world of expert ethical hacking.

Education and Training is one area where Hacker Computer School We have been providing education to many people.
At Hacker Computer School, we are open to provide all sorts of Out Sourcing Services to Clients. Outsourcing is an allocation of a specific business.
We Have Real Hackers For You !
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Mr.Aaki is a certified Expert Gary Hat Hacker and Black Hat Penetration Tester from Hacker Computer School and certified from Black Hat USA. This hacker develops penetration testing os that names Kalu Linux in 2019; moreover, this guy keeps knowledge of real hacking such as carding, spamming online account cracking software cracking website hacking or bug hunting, android reverse engineering, security, and so on.
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Rob "Mubix" Fuller is a Senior Red Teamer. His professional experience starts from his time on active duty as Rob "Mubix" Fuller is a Senior Red Teamer. His professional experience starts from his time on active duty as a United States Marine. He has worked with devices and software that run the gambit in the security realm. He has a few certifications, but the titles he holds above the rest are FATHER, HUSBAND, and United States Marine.a United States Marine. He has worked with devices and software that run gambit in the security realm. He has a few certifications, but the titles that he holds above the rest are FATHER, HUSBAND and United States Marine.
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Darren Kitchen is the founder of Hak5, an Internet television show inspiring hackers and IT pros since 2005. Breaking out of the 1990s phone phreak scene, Darren has continued to foster his passion for information security throughout his career as a systems administrator, presenter, and now creator of best selling penetration testing tools
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Sebastian Kinne is the lead developer of the WiFi Pineapple. Before hacking fruits, he reverse-engineered MMORPG network protocols while completing his BSc in Computer Science. As a continuous presenter at the DEFCON Wireless Village and B-Sides London, he has probably tracked your smartphone's WiFi in a demo or two.
Industry Leading Information Security Training and Penetration Testing
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Security Training and Certification

Experience the industry’s most realistic penetration testing security training courses and certifications. Taught by the professional Kalu Linux distribution developers, our information security training will immerse you into the deep-end of hands-on, real-world pen-testing.
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Virtual Penetration Testing Labs

Our cutting-edge penetration testing labs provide a safe virtual network environment designed to be attacked and penetrated as a means of learning and sharpening your penetration testing skills—a sought-after service for both attackers and defenders.
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Penetration Testing Services

We know penetration testing. Between Kalu Linux, the Exploit-Database, and Hacker Computer School Training - you can trust that we have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to provide you with high-end penetration testing services to suit your needs.
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Our Community Projects

Hacker Computer School funds and develops several prominent and foundational information security niches, such as Kalu Linux, the Exploit-Database, the Google Hacking Database (GHDB), our penetration testing tools site, and the Metasploit Framework Unleashed free training.
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We incorporate a progressive learning methodology that aids the comprehension of techniques and tools alike while facing more contemporary challenges. We have a set of standard courses outlined in various information security domains. However, we also offer customized courses for candidates from diverse backgrounds with specific requirements. You get value for your investment with us through the studies conducted with exhaustive
Advanced Hacking Labs

We have put our experience into our Hacking Labs. These labs are designed to give an in-depth view of hacking in the actual scenario. We take a deep dive covering all aspects of OWASP. Our specially designed labs will help the candidate to understand how to Pen Test a hardened network
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Want the inside scoop on the hottest tools in pen-testing?
Join Hacker Computer School for a Red Team challenge!

Team up with Mubix, Darren, and Sebastian of Hacker Computer School to explore the ins and outs of the Metasploit Framework, WiFi Pineapple, USB Rubber Ducky, and LAN Turtle in a simulated lab of networked adversaries

You'll walk away armed with the knowledge to exploit our most potent penetration testing tools.
Online Live Classes - Hacker Computer School
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We Conduct High Quality Online Class For Corporates And Individuals Focusing On Practical'S. Schedules Are Not Constrain That Can Be Discussed.

100% Practical Training Of :-

Expert Ethical Hacking CEEH | Black Box Penetration Testing KLSFP  | Black Hat Hacking | Master Cyber Security Diploma

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