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This Penetration Testing Course On Online will train you on the advanced step-by-step methodologies that hackers actually use, such as writing virus codes, and reverse engineering, so you can better protect corporate infrastructure from data breaches. You’ll master advanced network packet analysis, securing web servers, bug bounty, malware threats, and advanced system penetration testing techniques to build your network security skillset and beat hackers at their own game.

Hacker Computer School Provide Online World Most Advance Penetration Testing Training as well as challenge oscp course because in oscp training you learn basic command of Linux and tool how to use for testing security  but this penetration testing course you will learn how to use Linux for hacking and how to find vulnerability in target system or exploit moreover we done this course three step 1st step cover all advance penetration testing windows server mac Linux android iPhone, 2nd step wireless penetration testing and 3rd step bug bounty or web application penetration testing

Kalu Linux Security Fighter Training is a security class with real world hands on experience, it is the only in-depth Advanced Hacking and Penetration Testing Training that covers testing in all modern infrastructures, operating systems and application environments.

The program offers you a holistic security assessment methodology that goes beyond conventional attack vectors such as SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, DoS, etc. It equips professionals with necessary knowledge, tools, tricks and templates to successfully plan and execute a pen testing engagement. The program not only enables you to discover and exploit vulnerabilities but also demonstrate how to write Proof-of-Concepts and use post exploitation to prove your argument. It’s an advanced pen testing world where you are encouraged to explore and probably the only one where curiosity does not kill but empowers.

This certification adds value to the Information Security Professionals by giving them a practically oriented approach to the penetration testing. A successful completion of this Certification makes you eligible to appear for the most coveted and advanced certification for security professionals, Kalu Linux Security Fighter  Certification.
KLSFP - Kalu Linux Security Fighter Professional Penetration Tester Certification

Create Hacking Lab
XP | 7 | 10 | Server 2008 | Kali Linux | Ubuntu | Mac | Android | IPhone

Kalu Linux Lab -

Basic Linux Command
Linux Service
Linux Package Update
Web Service
Persistence Service Management
Bash Shell
Bash Shell Lab1
Bash Shell Lab2
Bind Shell And Reverse Shell (Wire-shark)

Passive Information Gathering
Google Search
Google Hacking

Active Information Gathering
DNS Enumeration
Forward DNS Lookup
Reverse DNS Lookup
DNS Zone Transfers
TCP Connect Scanning
UDP Scanning
Nmap Port Scanner
Network Sweeping
Nmap OS Banner Discovery
Nmap NSE Script
SMB Enumeration
Nmap SMB NSE Scripts
SMTP Enumeration
SNMP Enumeration
Network Scan

Hardware Firewall
Firewall Bypass

AUX Modules

Vulnerability Scanning
Windows - XP | 7 | 8 | 10
Server - 2003, 2008, Ubuntu, Centos

Exploit Client Side Vulnerability
Windows XP Exploit
Windows 7 Exploit

Exploit Server Side Vulnerability 
Server 2003
Server 2008
Server 2012

Client Side Attack WAN

Generate Payload  For - Windows | MAC | LINUX | Android | IPhone | Web

Windows 10 Exploit
Mac OS Exploit
Linux Exploit

Android Exploit
IPhone Exploit

Meterpreter Expert
Basic Command
Session Time Increase
File Upload
File Download
Execute Program
Record Audio
Watch Target Via Web Cam
Meterpreter Script
Track Covering Attack
Netcat Attack

Post exploitation attack
Take Admin Privilege
Collect USB Device Information
Collect Browser History
Collect Partition Information
Recover Delete File On Target PC And Download
Search Admin Account On Target PC
Redirect The Target From To Any Website
Stealing The Stored Passwords Visited Websites
Hack System For Life Time
Collect Wifi Network Information

Privilege Escalation Windows & Linux

Social Engineering Attack
Pharming Attack
Phishing Attack

Buffer Overflow Exploit
Linux / Windows


Password Attack
Passing The Hash

Wireless Network Hacking
WEP Exploit
WPA Exploit
WPA2 Exploit

Advance Attack
Email Bomber
CISCO Switch Jam
CiSCO Switch DHCP Attack
Dos/Doss Attack

Antivirus Bypass Method
Github Tool

MITM Attack
Arp Poisoning
MITMF Badfactory Error Remove
ARP Spoofing Using
Session Hijacking
DNS Spoofing
Capturing Screen
Capturing keystroks
Injecting Javascript_HTML Code

Bettercap -
Transparent HTTP(S) Proxy
Password Sniffing

Play Any Sound In The Target
Capture a screenshot
Redirect Webpage
Run any YouTube video Target Web Page
Stealing the target online
Use Metasploit

Bug Bounty [Web Application Attacks]
a. SQL injection
b. CSRF Attack
c. Cross-site scripting (XSS)
d. ClickJack
e. HTML Injection
f. File Inclusion
g. Parameter Tampering
h. Host Header Injection
I. URL Redirection
j. SPF

Exploit 20 Vulnerable Machine In Lab
Mr. Robot Machine
DC 1
DC 2
DC 3
DC 4
Metasploitable 2
Troll 2
Hack The Box

Create Hacking  Tool Via Python
Malware Analysis Methods And Lab
Bash Scripting Basic
Exploit Development C

Certification Process

Once you have completed the course and practiced your skills in our labs, you’re ready to take on the arduous 6-hour pen testing certification exam - a real-world, hands-on penetration test that takes place in our isolated VPN exam network - and become an official Hacker Computer School Certified Professional (KLSFP).   The KLSFP designation is well-known, highly-respected, and increasingly being demanded across the industry.
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Register for KLSFP Course at least 3 days before you want to start
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Establish Connection to Virtual Lab
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Progress through course materials. Practice in labs.
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Schedule certification exam within 90 days of completing course
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Successfully complete 6 hour exam and earn your certification
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