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All In One Cyber Security’s iLab starts with introductory training in cybersecurity skills and then moves on to advanced cybersecurity technologies such as Red Team, Blue Team, Offensive Security, Defensive Security & Security Management.

The Class Consists Of Learners From Excellent Organizations And Diverse Industries.
online cyber security course
Join a dynamically growing hacking community and take your cybersecurity skills to the next level through the most captivating, gamified, hands-on training experience!
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Cyber Security Beginner course

Linux 101 Details
Bash Scripting Details
Ethical Hacking Course Details
Hands On Hacking Details
Web Application Security Testing Details
Burp sute Tool Mater Class Details

Cyber Security Advance Course

Penetration Testing Details
Penetration Testing Professional Details
Penetration Testing Engineer Details
Metasploit Framework Details
Active Directory Penetration Testing Details
Mobile App Penetration Testing Details
WIFI Hacking & Penetration Testing Details

Hacking Forensic Investigator Details
Digital Forensics Examiner Details
Windows Forensics Details
Advance Web Hacking  Details
Advance Web Exploit Attack  Details
Practical Web Defence Details

  Incident Handler v2 Lab Details
  Network Defender Details
  SOC Analyst Details
  Splunk Enterprise Security Details

  Practical Malware Analysis Details

  Red Team Analyst Details
  Red Team OPS Details
  Red Team Malware Development Details

  Car Hackng Details
  OSINT Details
Information Systems Security Officer Details
Security Principles Details
Enterprise security control Details

Win Kernel Programming Fundamentals Details
Win System Programming Security  Details
Win System Memory Management Details
Win Processes & Threads Monitoring Details
User Kernal Mode Debugging Details
Win User Mode Exploit Development Details
Zero Point Security c2 Development  Details

Cloud Security Details
Network Endpoint and Cloud Details

Reverse Engineering for ARM Platfroms Details
Reverse Engineering for Software Cracking Details
online cyber security course

Cybersecurity Training For Universities
A gamified, interactive, hands-on cybersecurity training experience that students love.
Will your University join the fun?

The Fun Aspect Of Hacking Training

Our mission is to make cybersecurity training fun and accessible to everyone. No better way to achieve that but join forces with the institutions around the world responsible for spreading the knowledge. This is why we always welcome new Universities to the Cyber security ilab platform and offer education-specific services and special academic discounts.


cybersecurity training that moves form theroy to practice making studetns discover the answer on their own.

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