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Master Cyber Security Diploma

Master of Science in Cyber Security - Curriculum

Chapter 1 - Securing Operating Systems
Chapter 2 - Protecting Systems Using Antiviruses
Chapter 3 Footprinting/Reconnaissance
Chapter 4: Data Encryption
Chapter 5: Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
Chapter 6:  Internet Security
Chapter 7:  Securing Network Connections
Chapter 8:  Securing Online Transactions
Chapter 9:  Securing Email Communications
Chapter 10:Social Engineering and Identity Theft
Chapter 11:Security on Social Networking Sites
Chapter 12:Information Security and Legal Compliance
Chapter 13: Securing Mobile Devices
Chapter 14: Windows Hacking Command & Batch Programs
Chapter 15: Basic HTML Programs
Chapter 16: Batch File Programming

Server 2008 - DHCP, DNS, Group Policy, IIS, Active Directory, WDS, FTP And So On.

Ipv4 ADDRESSING |IPV4 Saving Techniques | Cisco Router Introduction Theory |IP ROUTING Theory |DYNAMIC PROTOCOLS & DYNAMIC ROUTING Theory |OSPF ( Open Shortest Path First )Theory | Type of Tables in OSPF | Helpful Command use in LAB | EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)Theory: | HelpfulCommand use in LAB | HOW TO MANAGE CISCO DEVICES Theory: | Describe following terms: | IP SERIVCES DHCP | Packet Filtering via ACL
NTP | ADVANCE TOPICS | LAN Switching Technology |Bridge its Function |VLAN its Advantage
STP Convergence Components |STP Convergence Steps: |Network Device Security Configure and verify network device security features such as WAN Technologies |
Introduction of PPP its feature | Frame-Relay logical Topologies | Ipv6 | Ipv6 addressing | Ipv6 packet type | OSI (Open System Interconnection) TCP/IP

Ethical Hacking
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Networking
Chapter 3 Footprinting/Reconnaissance
Chapter 4: Advance Google Hacking
Chapter 5: Scanning
Chapter 6: Windows Hacking
Chapter 7: Password Hacking
Chapter 8: Malwares
Chapter 9: SQL Injection
Chapter 10: Cross Site Scripting
Chapter 11: Social Engineering
Chapter 12: Denial of Service
Chapter 13: Cryptography & Steganography
Chapter 14: Firewalls & Honeypots
Chapter 15: Email Secure From Hacking
Chapter 16:Firewalls & Honeypots 
Chapter 17:  Reverse Engineering
Chapter 18: Physical Security
Chapter 19: Arch & Kali Linux Install
Chapter 20: Android Os Install
Chapter 21: Create Android App For Password Hacking
Chapter 22: Windows Command And Batch Program For Hacking
Chapter 23: GHOST
Chapter 24: Create Payload For -
Android, Iphone, Mac, Window, Linux and Server
Chapter 25: Bypass Antivirus Security
Chapter 26: Wifi Hacking - Discnary & brute force Attack
Chapter 27:Fluxion
Chapter 28: Bettercap

Penetration Testing
Mr.Robat Machine Exploit
Meterpreter Advance Attack And Track Covering Attack
vulnerability assessment
vulnerability Exploit
Privilege Escalation Windows & Linux
Client Side Attacks
post exploitation attack
post authentication exploitation
CTF Challenge - Hack The Box
Proxy Attack
Password Attack
CISCO Switch Jam
CiSCO Switch DHCP Attack
Phishing With Farming Attack

Penetration Testing
XP | 7 | 8 | Server 2008 | Kali Linux | Ubuntu | Mac | Android | IPhone

Create But Bounty Lab
server 2008 | 2012

Basic Linux Command
Linux Service
Linux Header Update
Web Service
Persistence Service Management
USB Boot Persistence
Bash Shell
Bash Shell Lab1
Bash Shell Lab2
Bind Shell And Reverse Shell (Wire-shark)
SMB Enumeration
SMTP Enumeration
SNMP Enumeration
DNS Enumeration
Advance Google Hacking
Port Scanning
Firewall Bypass
MSF Update
AUX Modules
NSE Scripts
Payload Windows | MAC | LINUX | Android | IPhone | Web
Windows XP Exploit
Windows 7 Exploit
Windows 8 Exploit
Windows 10 Exploit
Server 2003 Exploit
Server 2008 Exploit
Server 2012 Exploit
Server 2016 Exploit
Mac OS Exploit
Linux Exploit
CentOS Exploit
Android Exploit
IPhone Exploit
Buffer Overflow
WEP Exploit
WPA Exploit
WPA2 Exploit
Bug Bounty
a. SQL injection
b. CSRF Attack
c. Cross-site scripting (XSS)
d. ClickJacking

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